Dr. Sophie Havighurst – Principal Investigator*

Dr Sophie Havighurst (PhD, Dip Clin Psych) is a child clinical psychologist who has clinical, research, and teaching experience in the field of early intervention with children at risk for antisocial development. She is a Senior Lecturer at Mindful – Centre for Training and Research in Development Health, Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne, where she teaches and provides supervision to child and adolescent mental health practitioners. She works as a clinical psychologist at the Children’s Court Clinic and in private practice. She is Principal Investigator on the Tuning in to Kids™ research program. *Dr Havighurst is based in Norway at The University of Oslo in 2018-2019.


Ms Ann Harley – Training Manager

Ms Ann Harley (MEd, Grad Dip Ed, Dip Teach, BA) is the Training Manager for the Tuning in to Kids™ and the Tuning in to Teens™ programs at Mindful. Ann provides supervision and specialist consultation to trainees and agencies providing parenting services and has recently completed a research Master of Education at The University of Melbourne on the Tuning in to Teens™ parenting program. She has over 30 years experience in parent education, in particular in lower socioeconomic areas and with culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Along with Dr Havighurst, Ms Harley is co-author of the Tuning in to Kids™ and the Tuning in to Teens™ programs.


Dr Christiane Kehoe – Research Manager

Dr Christiane Kehoe (PhD) is the Research Manager at Mindful and is Co-author of the Tuning in to Teens™ and Tuning in to Toddlers™ programs. She is also an accredited trainer of Tuning in to Kids™ , Teens™ and Dads Tuning in to Kids™. Dr Kehoe has significant experience in assessment of child emotional competence and parenting; project management; statistical analyses and parent education in both clinical and community settings. She has adapted the Tuning in to Teens™ program for use as a Whole School Approach for parents, teachers and students, and has extensive experience in the delivery of all versions of the Tuning in to Kids™ suite of programs, providing training and supervision for facilitators and organisations both nationally and internationally.