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For all local & interstate Tuning in to Kids™ & Tuning in to Teens™ enquiries, please fill out the form below. Your enquiry will be forwarded to Sally Keighery, the Tuning in to Kids and Tuning in to Teens Administrator, whom you can also contact on +61 (0) 3 9371 0214 or at 

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Mindful: Centre for Training and Research in Developmental Health
Department of Psychiatry
The University of Melbourne
Building C
50 Flemington St, Travancore VIC 3031
Melbourne, Australia

Dr Sophie Havighurst
Principal Investigator, Tuning in to Kids™
Phone: 613 9371 0200

For in-service training and other general training enquiries, please contact
Ms Ann Harley
Training Manager, Tuning in to Kids™ & Tuning in to Teens™
Phone: 613 9371 0210

For research enquiries, please contact
Ms Christiane Kehoe
Project Manager, Tuning in to Teens™ Research
Phone: 613 9371 0207